We are proud to announce that we were recently awarded the Inclusive Sport Award. This is a governing body recognition award for showing commitment to Inclusion within the sport of judo and something we are very appreciative of.

Northern Ireland Judo Federation’s Aim :

‘To build an inclusive culture within our sporting community to allow our members the opportunity to participate, progress and perform to their maximum potential.’ To ensure Inclusion is within all Judo Clubs in Northern Ireland. To provide more opportunities for judoka’s with a disability to take part in competitions and activities in Northern Ireland.  To drive the delivery of inclusion throughout the Northern Ireland Judo Federation.’

In order to achieve this aim an Inclusive Focus Group has been set up to develop an Inclusion Strategy and drive Inclusion throughout Judo enabling Judo to be available for all.

Adaptive Judo days will take place 3/4 times per year for all players aged over 8 years old with a physical, learning or sensory disability to come together to train, grade, compete and have fun. All clubs/ coaches/ players / volunteers and parents are very welcome to attend these days. Please register with Vicki cwo@nijudo.com

The date for the upcoming Adaptive Judo Days are as follows:

Sunday 5th May – Venue: Ulster University – Coleraine Campus 1pm – 3pm

Sunday 29th September 2019 – Venue: Campbell College – Belfast 1pm – 3pm (click here for directions)

Sunday 10th November 2019 – Venue: Maghaberry Community Centre – 1pm – 3pm (click here for directions)

Resources are also available:

BJA Adapted Judo Contest Rules
Inclusive Coaching Resource
NIJF Inclusion Strategy