The Mary Peters Trust was established to create an on-going and meaningful commemoration of Mary’s Gold Medal win in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. The Trust is Northern Ireland’s leading sporting charity.

They help young people, both disabled and able-bodied, achieve their sporting dreams and ambitions.

They do this by selecting the best athletes, supporting them financially and providing access to a team of experts, who help and support their pathway to success.

Since their inception more than 40 years ago, the Trust has made a staggering number of awards, making a difference to the lives of thousands of young athletes from across Northern Ireland sport.


NI Judo and Funding Applications:

The Northern Ireland Judo Federation will only accept Mary Peters Trust funding applications for the October cycle.

For further information and to ascertain if an athlete qualifies to apply for funding please read the Criteria and Application Process document.

Download the Criteria and Application Process document here.

Should you have any queries please contact