Congratulations to Russell Brown, our Lead Designated Liaison Person for Safeguarding, on passing his examinations for delivery and “train the trainer” on the effects of adverse child experiences.

As part of our on-going mission to deliver education and the best practice approach to our coaches, volunteers and members, Russell will now be able to deliver in house training on the steps that can be taken to heal adverse trauma from the younger years in everyday life and Judo!

The course is an excellent informational resource for all practitioners across all sectors working with Children, Young People and Adults at risk.

Russell is fully accredited to deliver Adverse Childhood Experiences level 1 Awareness course and the level 2 follow-on course – Developing a Trauma Sensitive Approach to Practice.

Adversity as a child can have long-lasting implications in life, and this training will help people to support those who have suffered and create safe environments and relationships which help the healing journey.

We look forward to Russell delivering this training once it is safe to do so.

Remember if you have any safeguarding concerns or questions, Russell can be contacted at