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You can start Judo with just an old tracksuit and a bottle of water. Your journey begins with the first step on to the mats, but do not worry, we’ll be with you for every step after… All of our coaches are fully qualified, insured, trained in safeguarding and regularly take part in continued professional development. Our clubs provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone to train in. From the start you will very much feel a “part of the team”.

The beauty of Judo is that the training can be tailored to the capabilities of each person. Not only will you experience the physical benefits of Judo, it also increases self-esteem, promotes emotional balance, develops cognitive skills as well as helping to improve overall well-being and positive mindset.

There is no good age to start. As long as you are over 5 years old, you will be more than welcome to join one of our clubs. Children develop self-discipline, strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, reflexes, concentration, balance, resistance, personality, self-confidence, and knowledge of one’s own body.

If you are an adult, then Judo is perfect to build fitness and strength, it builds endurance and it builds mental resilience. You’ll also become more flexible and aware of your own balance. Some clubs offer a free trial session, so why not find your nearest club now and contact a coach to find out how you can get started.


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