The Northern Ireland Judo Federation has our own dedicated Judo Gi and Training apparel

Northern Ireland Judogi

In partnership with Fighting Films, we have our own dedicated Northern Ireland Judogi.

Available in the Superstar and Red Label range so perfect for all budgets, ages  and shapes and sizes of Judoka!

The Gi features the Northern Ireland Judo logo and the traditional Fighting Films crest.

The best thing is, if you order more than 6, you will get your own club embroidery added to the suit for free.

Click here to take a look now.


Training and Leisurewear

Comfortable to wear, warm in the winter, cool in the summer and they all represent the great sport / martial art you are a part of!

Hats, bags, half-zips and hoodies are all part of the range.

Finished with the Japanese Kanji for Ju-Do, the high quality embroidery makes them the perfect item to wear to training, to the gym or anywhere you want to represent your martial art!

Sales open throughout the year for gift ideas or to treat yourself.

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