Your First Session

The first thing you will be taught at a Judo club is how to fall safely. This is called learning “Ukemi” or basically break falls.

This will enable you to train in Judo without injuring yourself and allows you to be thrown in practice with confidence and without fear.

You will then move on to learning basic techniques, conditioning exercises, and drills (younger members do this through games as well).

Once confident with the fundamentals, you will be taught further techniques, taking through the techniques needed for grading and allowed to practice the various techniques you have learned in “Randori” which is free practice, similar to sparring.

Over time, Judo will increase your confidence, strength, focus, discipline and your fitness as well.

You’ll also meet great people and smile as you’re on your Judo journey.

Training is tailored to your own capabilities and limits so don’t worry. Judo is genuinely for everyone!


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