The safety of all our members from the juniors to the seniors is the priority of our Federation and all the clubs within us.

All of our Club Coaches are trained in Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection, are DBS cleared and each club has their own designated Protection Officer.

As well as the clubs, we have our Lead Designated Person for Safeguarding, Russell Brown.

Russell is responsible for ensuring we follow the best practices and policies for the safety of all of our members.

This includes our association with the Human Rights in Sports Association, Disability NI, Childline and Adverse Child Experience assistance.

You can find out more about how Wellbeing is a priority in with our policies here:


If you have any safeguarding or wellbeing concerns or questions, Russell is available at or by phone 07751 748971

Should Russell be unavailable, you can contact Peter Cuckoo at or
07790 30333


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