Who is it

These are the people that are on the Board of Directors for the Northern Ireland Judo Federation and the part-time members of staff. These people all bring their own individual capabilities to the Federation to develop Judo for everyone in Northern Ireland.

They follow our mission statement of developing Judo and the pathway that it offers for everyone across Northern Ireland. Making the sport a welcoming environment with a view to progression not only in Judo but life.

Board & Staff Profiles

Role: Vice Chairperson
Contact email: vice.chairman@nijudo.com
Short Bio: Rebecca boasts a wealth of competition experience, and is in charge of our competition delivery as well as her role as vice chair.

An actively competitive Judoka for over 30 years, Rebecca also coaches in her own club, and is heavily involved in the smooth delivery of Judo for all those that compete in Northern Ireland Judo events.

Role: Chairman & Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer

Contact email: chairman@nijudo.com
Short Bio: Involved in Judo for over 30 years, our Chairman Russell is also our Director of Safeguarding, ensuring that Northern Ireland Judo has the highest of standards for protection of all it’s members.

To date we have received exemplary recognition from bodies such as the NSPCC

Russell also holds a Board of Director position with the British Judo Association.

Role: Independent Director

Contact email: lauren.smythe@nijudo.com
Short Bio: Lauren is an avid Tennis player and has been pro-active on Sporting Boards for 12 years. As a founding member of the Parks Tennis N.I. Committee, Lauren brings valuable experience in governance insights and the workings of Governing Bodies of Sport, Charities and the Third Sector into the Northern Ireland Judo Federation.

Role: Commercial & Marketing Manager

Contact email: commercial.manager@nijudo.com
Short Bio: A Judoka for over 30 years, Mark joined the Federation from a Sports Marketing background. Still actively coaching and helping out in clubs, Mark has a passion for Judo and the benefits that it offers both on and off the mats. He wants to see as many people from all walks of life develop through the sport and grow the membership of the Federation.

Role: Federation Administrator

Contact email: admin@nijudo.com
Short Bio: Gail joined Northern Ireland Judo from Bombardier with a wealth of administration and process / compliance knowledge. Very much the engine room of the NIJF, Gail is a friendly voice at the end of the phone or an email to help our members with questions and ensure a smooth operation of Northern Ireland Judo.

Role: President

Contact email: president@nijudo.com
Short Bio: Involved in the foundation of the NIJF, Richard has achieved too many honours in his career to mention in a short biography. He is still active as a coach in Coleraine Judo Club, very much involved in Commonwealth Judo and is currently compiling the history of Northern Ireland Judo from the inception to the present day.

Role: Conduct and Complaints Officer

Contact email: cco@nijudo.com
Short Bio: A member of the NIJF board since 2014, Peter is in charge of all things regulatory and as well as steering the Board on good practice, he is responsible for conduct and complaints. Coming to Judo as a parent of 2 Judoka’s, Peter is still involved at the grassroots level as a club secretary and welfare officer too.

Role: Treasurer

Contact email: treasurer@nijudo.com
Short Bio: Responsible for the financial transactions of the Federation, Robin came to the sport as a parent of a Judoka and after becoming involved at his club, he joined the NIJF Board and has been a long standing Member.

Robin is also a representative of the British Judo Association as a Council Member.

Role: Director for Mental Health & Anti Doping

Contact email: antidoping@nijudo.com
Short Bio: Frances has a wealth of experience in club voluntary work as secretary of Limavady Judo Club.

She regularly volunteers at events and competitions for the Federation as well.

Frances holds a 30 year history working as a Senior Mental Health Nurse, specialising in crisis and emergency care. It’s these skills that will deliver a unique perspective and knowledge, focusing on mental health and anti-doping within Northern Ireland Judo.

Role: Company Secretary

Contact email: secretary@nijudo.com

Short Bio: As well as being our Office Manager / Admin, Gail is our Board Secretary.

Gail keeps the compliance and minutes of our Board Meetings and ensures the clarity of recording of the events in order to keep the Federation moving in the right direction.


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