The new level 1 coaches with Jim Toland, course tutor.

Our candidates for the level 1 coaching qualification in Judo undertook their examination on the 2nd of June after weeks of study in their clubs and completing an intensive course pack.

The level 1 candidates started their journey into coaching with an induction weekend on the 13th and 14th of April.

Then under the watchful eyes of their club coaches, they had 6 weeks to be mentored and deliver trial lessons in their clubs as well as undertaking their own study to complete a course pack on elements surrounding Judo such as nutrition and health and safety.

We’re delighted to say that all the participants passed the qualification and we now have 10 newly accredited level 1 coaches to add to the coaching roster.

The level 1 course is the entry into coaching and starts the journey to becoming a level 2 coach with the capability to starting and running a club.

The NIJF would like to congratulate everyone that took part and thank Jim Toland who was the course examiner and Lisa Bradley who was involved with the teaching process and all those who helped the new coaches on their journey.

If anyone is keen to start coaching, you can find out more here or you can email