On Sunday 25th May, over 120 children from 17 clubs across the Northern Ireland Judo Federation attended the Active School Educational and Adaptive event hosted by Simply Judo at the Lisburn Leisureplex.

This was the culmination of the work that Simply Judo have been doing in local schools since September 2018. From this date last year, in excess of 5000 children from all areas and backgrounds have been given the chance to try Judo for free on the mat in their own schools and in their own comfort zone.

As well as giving the young Judoka a taste of future contest judo through this educational event, what set the day apart from the previous events was that adaptive contests also took place for children with disabilities, enhancing the fact that Judo really is a sport for everyone, and that training can be tailored to every individual’s needs.

As well as this addition to the event, the prize winners were also treated to a star-studded ceremony with Lady Mary Peters and GB Judo Squad member James Reid presenting the medals to the competitors.

The event also helped raise £298.66 for the Mary Peters Trust which helps fund young athletes on their competitive journey.

So, all round a great success for the Simply Judo team and the sport!

As this event ends, all eyes now focus on the Northern Ireland Schools Championships held in the Lisburn Leisureplex on the 23rd of June which you can enter by clicking here.