Our Squad and Academy Pathway offers players with growth potential in Judo the chance to experience further training outside of their own Dojo.

The first aim of the pathway initiative is to provide an opportunity for everyone to practice and train with similar age players from clubs across The Northern Ireland Judo Federation.

It is also an opportunity to meet and gain experience  from appointed Northern Ireland Judo Federation squad coaches.

The second aim is to increase the skillset and focus the players on common training methods to develop their judo techniques.

The third aim is to retain players in the sport at an age notorious with ‘dropout’ and promote lifelong participation and physical activity.

The pathway initiative allows a chance to build a competitive Northern Ireland team going forward together, helping each other get stronger and gain skills necessary to compete at a higher level not only close to home, but in the Mainland as well.

We would hope that some of these players make a successful transition from local club to Academy and Pathway Squad.

In order to progress to the Northern Ireland Talent Development and Northern Ireland High Performance Program, ALL players must have a track record of attendance at Pathway Squad sessions
(exceptional circumstances may be considered).

All players after three consecutive attendances are awarded the Squad patch and T Shirt.

Squad Entry:

There are certain entry level requirements for the squad for both grade and age.

This is the relevant documentation that you will need:

  • Pathway Squad training is for players aged between 12 and 23 years old and the minimum grading requirements (9th mon or above), and the standards expected for the Judoka to attend the sessions including regular club training attendance.
  • Pathway Academy training is open to 10 years to 12 years and minimum grade of 4th Mon. Again the same standards apply.

Sessions are advertised to club coaches and also on social media. It is our aim to make the events “travelling” so that everyone has access to a Pathway session closer to home at some stage.

Key Performance Techniques:

  1. Tendoku Renshu – Ashi waza x 2, Seoi Nage x 1, Tai Otoshi x 1
  2. Hi Pull uchikomi – static, across the mat, with throw
  3. Pummelling – static, with stance change, bump and throw
  4. Principles of throwing – Kuzushi, Tsukuri, Kake, and with throw
  5. Newaza circle
  6. 4 positions on the ground
  7. Combinations x 4 – Ko soto to Tai otoshi, Ko uchi to Seoi nage, O uchi to Uchi Mata, O soto to Harai Goshi
  8. Counter attacks – Tai otoshi c/b ko soto gari, gake, O soto Gari c/b o soto Gaeshi, Harai Goshi c/b Ushiro Goshi, Uchi Mata c/b Tai otoshi
  9. Kumi kata – from Hajime, block and turn x 2/ from clinch, break overhand grip and square up/ from clinch, break sleeve and square up/ win sleeve grip, pull in to hip/use forearm to control – stance, posture, back
  10. Stomach wrap/ San Gaku turnover/ guillotine turnover/ Shoulder lever turnover/ Ju ji Gatame turnover