Return to Judo Update

Following the announcements from the Northern Ireland Executive on Thursday 25th June on further easing of lockdown restrictions and communication from Sport NI to Governing Bodies of Sport please note the following;

Based on the published Sport NI document  ‘A Framework to guide progression towards a resumption of sport and physical recreation in Northern Ireland’

Northern Ireland is today still operating within Stage 2 of the framework for a return to sport for outdoor activity.

In step 2 of the Framework, there was some provision for limited indoor sports activity. However the NI Executive has not yet permitted this aspect.

The key message therefore is that NO relaxation of restrictions is yet in place for indoor activity, and as a result NO indoor sports activity is permitted at this time.

On a positive note, Sport NI is anticipating a series of sport related announcements from the Executive over the next couple of days. We anticipate that this will map some potential dates for the phased return steps that lie ahead.

The N I Executive have released some indicative dates for relaxing of restrictions relating to sport and physical activity but these dates are only indicative and may change depending on the current situation.

We are in communication with the British Judo Association who are developing the documentation necessary for the safe return to judo for all clubs, including those in Northern Ireland. Until those documents have been approved and released NO JUDO CLUB SHOULD RESUME ANY JUDO ACTIVITY. To do so would invalidate club insurance.


As soon as British Judo release the guidelines for a safe return to judo we will inform all our clubs, coaches and members on what will be required. Then when the N I Executive permits us and venues reopen, judo clubs will have all the necessary information in place to restart safely, if they wish to do so.

Of paramount importance is the safety of our members, coaches and volunteers and whilst we are all keen to resume club activity it is imperative that we all work together to do so safely, following British Judo guidelines and when we are permitted to do so.

Please note: As with all sports, Elite/Performance athletes may be permitted to return to judo training before clubs are permitted to restart. They will have their own guidelines to follow to permit their safe return.

Please continue to follow the N I Executive and Health Department guidelines;


Board of Directors

Northern Ireland Judo Federation